Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker

December 21, 2020


On Nov. 9, New York-based Pfizer and the German company BioNTech made history by presenting preliminary data indicating that their coronavirus vaccine was over 90 percent effective. It was the first time anyone had found such evidence. Just over a month later, on Dec. 11, the Food and Drug Administration granted it the first emergency use authorization ever given by the United States to a coronavirus vaccine.

New additions and recent updates

Dec. 18  The F.D.A. authorizes Moderna’s vaccine for emergency use.

Dec. 18  Cuba’s Soberana 2 vaccine moves to Phase 2.

Dec. 17  Japan’s Shionogi launches a Phase 1/2 trial.

Dec. 17  South Korea’s GeneOne enters Phase 1/2.

Dec. 17  Clover Biopharmaceuticals moves to Phase 2/3.

Dec. 16  Russia’s Vector Institute moves to Phase 3.

Dec. 16  French vaccine maker Valneva enters Phase 1/2.

Dec. 16  Vietnam’s Nanogen enters Phase 1.

Dec. 14  Russia announces efficacy data for Gamaleya’s Sputnik V vaccine.

Dec. 14  CureVac moves to Phase 3.

Dec. 14  South Korea’s Cellid and LG Chem enter Phase 1

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