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Bleed Out, the HBO Movie of a family’s experience with Medical Malpractice

December 21, 2020

Bleed Out – an HBO Film   ¡Película ahora en inglés y español! Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. After a routine partial hip replacement operation

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Escape from the Mayo Clinic: Teen accuses world-famous hospital of ‘medical kidnapping’

August 18, 2018

By Elizabeth Cohen and John Bonifield, CNN Health Updated 10:55 AM ET, Fri August 17, 2018 This is the first part of the series,”Escape from the Mayo Clinic.” Read the second part here. Also, read

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December 9, 2009

Mary Ellen Ladd tells her son Peter’s story of getting elected to the student council as an unusual candidate. Peter has CP. When Peter saw this video, he loved it.

Peter is Not Frivilous. Watch New Video

November 24, 2009

Mary Ellen Ladd, Peter’s mom, shares her experience of discovering that Peter has cerebral palsy and the expense of caring for him.

A prisoner in her own body:Sydney's story

November 10, 2009

Brian, Sydney’s Dad, shares her story of life with cerebral palsy.

Wrong site surgeries – and they keep saying quality of care is most important

November 9, 2009

Rhode Island hospital has now installed video cameras in the operating room.

Historia de Gus: Fue supuesto ser "rutina" or Gus's Story: It was supposed to be "routine"

November 6, 2009

Ver Gus Vélez contar su historia de cuando un procedimiento médico de rutina que salió mal debido a un error médico.

All Sydney Needs is an IPhone

November 2, 2009

Sydney Reich is an 11 year old with cerebral palsy, the result of a medical error. Her Dad Brian explains how she communicates just like every other kid these days.

Bill Tyra tells Katie's Story of Medical Negligence

October 27, 2009