Some reliable resources about who should get the COVID-19 vaccine and what to consider

January 8, 2021

Whether or not you, as an individual, should get the COVID-19 vaccine should be a decision made on an person by person basis.  We are not making any recommendations either way other than to recommend that a well informed decision should include research from reliable sources, speaking with knowledgeable people (including any personal medical providers), and carefully considering your personal medical history and any current conditions.  To help your decision-making process, we have included a few broadly accepted, reliable resources.  They are shown in no particular order. It should also be recommended that you do not just walk into a site and request a vaccine.  Check with your personal medical provider, local hospital or state department of public health to see what procedure to follow.

  • COVID-19 vaccines: Get the facts                                                        
  • Who should, and should not, get the Covid-19 vaccine
  • What to Know About the Coronavirus Vaccines                
  • Vaccination Considerations for Persons with Underlying Medical Conditions


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