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The CT Department of Health Adverse Event Report was released and it is not great news for patients

November 4, 2016

I was recently interviewed for this story, Medical Errors Decline 3 Percent In 2015, on medical errors in Connecticut.  Three percent is not enough.  We must keep raising peoples awareness that patient

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Let’s involve Connecticut patients in reducing medical errors

March 15, 2016

Lisa Freeman,  Connecticut Center for Patient Safety,  Executive Director March 13 through 18 is National Patient Safety Awareness Week. As I sit here, thinking of what to write, stories of the people

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Number of hospital accidents not getting any better

February 11, 2016

Watch Jean Rexford’s  February 10th interview with Eric Parker,WFSB’s iTeam Investigative reporter. The discussion centered on the recently released CT Adverse Event report which addressed a total of 471 reports

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Can the state build a better system to get your medical records to your doctors?

May 15, 2015

With providers moving to electronic medical record systems, they often still don’t “talk” to each other. Just think how much safer your care could be if all of your providers

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10 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You…

January 10, 2015

Did you know that common objects like stethoscopes in a hospital can be contaminated with disease-causing germs?  Or that the best time to schedule surgery is during banking hours?  10

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Hospital Reports Of Surgical, Medication Errors Climb

January 6, 2015

Connecticut Health I-Team By: Lisa Chedekel | 1/6/2015 |  Connecticut hospitals reported record numbers of patients killed or seriously injured by hospital errors in 2013, with large increases in the

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The Right Exam, The Right Way, The Right Radiation Dose

July 3, 2014

Jean Rexford, along with Rosemary Gibson, Stephen Smith,  John Santa and other supporters of national  patient safety efforts,  are contributors to an article just published in the March, 2014

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Reducing medical errors will require better reporting tools, engaged patients and – you guessed it – culture change

September 28, 2013  September 27, 2013 8:30 am by Deanna  Pogorelc  –  “Culture change.” Those words just keep coming up again and again in talk  about what’s needed to reduce  healthcare costs,

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Clean Sweep: Hospitals Bring Janitors to the Front Lines of Infection Control

August 30, 2013

Scientific American By Maryn McKenna   September 11, 2012  When hospitals want to make a name for themselves, they spend on reputations and technology—on the esteemed surgeon or the top-of-the-line gamma

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A Name Blacked Out, a Reputation at Risk

December 18, 2012

NY Times By BARRY MEIER  Published: November 26, 2012  –  Is covering a product’s name in a public document a sign that a company has something to hide? And how should

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